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Original Polish Badges & Medals For Sale

Polish military medals and badges from the collection of one of the foremost authorities on polish militaria - Professor Zdzislaw Wesolowski. Over 40 years of collecting are now going up for sale exclusively in our store. Here is your chance to buy original polish militaria direct from Mr. Wesolowski! Available are a wide variety of polish military badges, medals and orders from WWI through WWII and up to the present. Click on a link below to view badges and medals by category:

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All Polish militaria with numbers 1-1380 correspond to photo figure numbers in Dr. Wesolowski's book: Polish Orders, Medals, Badges, and Insignia. Military and Civilian Decorations, 1705 to 1985

This site is dedicated to the proud history of Poland, her military traditions and all those who endured the tradegdies of her past.

About Zdzislaw P. Wesolowski
Virtuti MilitariDr. Wesolowski is the author of THE POLISH ORDERS, MEDALS, BADGES AND INSIGNIA, 1705-1985 and THE POLISH ORDER OF THE VIRTUTI MILITARI AND ITS CAVALIERS, 1792-1992, www.wwdir.com/polishbk.html

He is a Polish military historian. His interest in Polish militaria arose as a result of his fathers distinguished career in the Polish Legions and the Polish Navy as well as in the U.S.Army Transportation Corps during WWII. His first book was on all Polish military and civilian decorations and with the approaching 200 Anniversary of the founding of the Order of the Virtuti Militari in 1992, he embark on a ten year research which result in the publication of the only book of its kind in the world on the Virtuti Militari that lists 26,500 recipients of the Order. He presented the book to President Lech Walesa in June of 1992 during the Virtuti Militari Bicentennial Ceremony at the Belvedere Presidential Palace before the assembled recipients of the Order. Professor Wesolowski was decorated with the commanders cross of the Polish Order of Merit for his contributions to Poland by President Lech Walesa.

Dr. Wesolowski is a retired U.S. Air Force Reserve officer. He is also a long time member of the Orders and Medals Society of America, www.omsa.org.

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